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Triumph Gold Triples Property Size at Andalusite Peak in NW British Columbia after Identifying Extensive Cu-Au-Ag Mineralization with Grades up to 67% Cu, 500 g/T Ag and 2.8 g/T Au

January 9, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia: January 8, 2019. Triumph Gold Corp., (TSX-V: TIG) (OTCMKTS: TIGCF) (“Triumph Gold” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the results from two days of prospecting and alteration mapping conducted in July of 2018 on the Andalusite Peak property in north western British Columbia, Canada. Based on positive results from the sampling campaign Triumph Gold increased the Andalusite Peak land package from 9.87 km2 to 31.67 km2 via staking. Highlights of results include:

  • Two copper-gold-silver (Cu-Au-Ag) mineralized trends have been delineated, with grades in grab samples up to 67% Cu, 500 grams per tonne (g/T) Ag (sample C00030474), and 2.8 g/T Au (sample C00030466).
  • The strike length of the Gentleman/Julep Trend has been expanded from 140 metres defined in 2017, to at least 550 metres. This trend is now defined by seven samples with >0.5% Cu, and grades up to 3.3% Cu, 22.1 g/T Ag, and 2.8 g/T Au.
  • A newly identified, 1,000 by 300 metre mineralized trend (the Tennessee Trend) has been delineated on a ridge 1.5 kilometres west of the Gentleman/Julep Trend. This trend is defined by fifteen new and historical samples with >0.5% Cu, including grades up to 67% Cu, 500 g/T Ag, and 2.8 g/T Au.
  • Geological mapping has provided better definition of extensive high temperature intermediate and advanced argillic alteration that locally overprints early quartz magnetite veining.

Tables 1 and 2 contain all 2018 samples collected within the Tennessee Trend and the Gentleman/Julep Trend respectively. Maps highlighting the location of the property, alteration corridor, and mineralized trends are on Triumph Gold Corp’s website (Figures). Grab samples are selective in nature, and the reported mineralization and assay results may not be representative.

Table 1 – 2018 Sample Results from the Tennessee Trend

Sample ID Easting* Northing* Cu (%) Au (g/T) Ag (g/T)
C00030474 469862 6458571 67.0 0.569 500.0
C00030466 469941 6458426 2.420 2.770 17.0
C00030407 469952 6458810 1.870 0.427 27.0
C00030409 470015 6458372 1.830 0.038 25.0
C00030476 470017 6458830 1.430 0.040 9.0
C00030469 470086 6458425 1.300 0.179 5.0
100158 470108 6458360 1.239 0.158 4.5
100159 470165 6458265 1.154 0.235 12.1
C00030410 470178 6458250 1.040 0.009 2.0
C00030467 470181 6458237 1.000 0.092 6.0
C00030470 470189 6458276 0.627 0.078 <2.0
C00030411 470213 6458157 0.606 0.086 19.0
C00030479 470214 6458122 0.520 0.044 4.0
C00030408 470217 6458611 0.500 0.016 <2.0
C00030477 470221 6458587 0.493 0.005 <2.0
C00030468 470222 6458607 0.392 0.089 4.0
C00030471 470234 6458605 0.359 0.025 <2.0
C00030472 470234 6458607 0.349 0.032 <2.0
C00030475 470240 6458590 0.295 0.005 2.0
C00030473 470242 6458372 0.259 0.050 <2.0
100157 470243 6458543 0.251 0.100 3.5
100160 470243 6458543 0.248 0.034 1.9
C00030478 470247 6458574 0.234 0.015 5.0
100156 470252 6458391 0.036 0.008 0.9
C00030480 470261 6458137 0.002 0.186 <2.0


Table 2 – 2018 Sample Results from the Gentleman/Julep Trend

Sample ID Easting* Northing* Cu (%) Au (g/T) Ag (g/T)
100152 471622 6458580 3.329 2.845 22.1
C00030461 471664 6458632 0.657 0.147 11.0
C00030462 471656 6458631 0.610 0.085 8.0
100155 471493 6458283 0.582 0.082 3.7
C00030406 471493 6458284 0.381 0.057 <2.0
100153 471528 6458375 0.346 0.138 12.5
100047 471743 6458768 0.323 0.183 5.1
100151 471657 6458638 0.251 0.089 3.5
C00030464 471527 6458376 0.185 0.076 4.0
C00030460 471659 6458636 0.172 0.040 2.0
C00030459 471746 6458767 0.160 0.029 <2.0
C00030465 471477 6458249 0.036 0.000 <2.0
100049 471720 6458724 0.001 0.002 <0.1
C00030405 471621 6458681 0.001 <0.005 <2.0

Paul Reynolds, Triumph Gold’s President and CEO, comments, “Andalusite Peak is an exciting, early stage pipeline project that has been developed utilizing the same strategies that led to the exceptional success we had drilling our flagship Freegold Mountain project this past year. I congratulate our technical team for their systematic approach to exploration that has resulted in multiple new discoveries during 2018.”

The Andalusite Peak property was staked by Triumph Gold in January 2017 to cover an alteration “blow out” (a portion of an alteration zone with increased width and alteration intensity) near the center of a 27-kilometre-long corridor of intermediate to advanced argillic alteration that was identified and mapped in 2016 by B.C. Geological Survey geologist Bram van Straaten. Work by Triumph Gold geologists in 2017 verified the alteration zone and identified mineralization in two locations (the Gentleman and Julep showings), south of the alteration zone, with grab samples that graded up to 1.8 g/T Au, 21 g/T Ag, and 2.25% Cu (See PR#18-03 dated January 22, 2018). Sampling in 2018 focused on the area south of the alteration zone and was conducted on two ridge-lines, the one that hosts the Julep and Gentleman showings, and another parallel ridge 1.5 kilometres to the west where historical grab samples graded up to 3.04% Cu, 68.9 g/T Ag and 0.23 g/T Au (B.C. Assessment Report # 30590). On the eastern ridge the Gentleman/Julep mineralized trend is now defined over a distance of 550 metres and remains unexplored along the ridge to the south or down-slope to the east and west. On the western ridge, the Tennessee mineralized trend extends at least one kilometre along the ridge, was sampled on both sides of a plateau where the ridge widens to 300 metres and is open in all directions.

Mineralization on both ridges comprises veins and volcanic-breccia-fill with quartz ± calcite ± epidote ± actinolite ± chlorite gangue and variable proportions of chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, malachite and azurite. Copper bearing minerals also occur along fractures, filling vesicles, and disseminated in wall rock adjacent to veins. Triumph Gold geologists interpret the mineralization on both ridgelines to be part of a single very large mineralized zone greater than 1 by 1.5 kilometres in area.

Evidence for a Porphyry System

Geological mapping by Triumph and regional mapping and geophysical surveys provide important evidence that the Andalusite Peak property is highly prospective for an underlying porphyry deposit:

  1. The property is located in the centre of a regional scale, lithocap-style, belt of alteration, a geological environment typically associated with porphyry copper and high sulfidation Cu-Au systems.
  2. Andalusite Peak contains the most extensive and highest grade Cu-Au-Ag mineralization documented to date in the belt.
  3. The property is centred on one of three known “blow-outs” in the belt. The other two have seen more advanced exploration that has identified porphyry-style alteration and Cu-Au-Mo mineralization below the lithocap (Kaizen Discovery’s Tanzilla property 8 km to the northwest, and Teck’s McBride property 9 km to the southeast).
  4. The alteration mineral assemblage (quartz-andalusite-pyrophyllite) documented in the Andalusite Peak alteration zone represents the highest temperature advanced argillic alteration identified in the belt.
  5. Quartz-magnetite veins mapped by Triumph within the alteration zone indicate possible proximity to a high temperature mineralized core zone/causative intrusion.
  6. The property is underlain by a 10 kilometre long trend with high magnetic response, indicating potential for a buried oxidized (magnetite bearing) intrusive body.

Triumph Triples Andalusite Peak Land Position Through Staking

As a result of the positive 2018 sampling program, and verification of extensive high grade Cu, Ag, Au mineralization on the Andalusite Peak property, Triumph Gold has tripled its land position via staking. The 31.67 km2 Andalusite Peak property now encompasses the full argillic alteration blowout and an approximately 8.5 kilometre strike length of ground south of the alteration zone. The new ground includes ridges, spurs and valleys adjoining and between the ridges that host the Gentleman/Julep Trend and the Tennessee Trend. It also encompasses significant magnetic anomalies and the Wolf Minfile showing (BC Minfile ID# 104I 056), which includes shear zones and porphyry dykes with strong Cu±Ag mineralization (two contiguous chip samples averaging 1.35% Cu over 10.3 meters), located across a valley 3.3 km east of the Gentleman/Julep trend. Historical (1972) assays for the Wolf showing have not been verified by Triumph Gold Corp.


* Coordinates are given in North American Datum 83 (NAD83), Zone 9.


Two batches of samples were collected on the Andalusite Peak property, and they were analysed by two labs, but using roughly equivalent techniques: samples with ID format C00030XXX were analyzed by ALS Global in North Vancouver, British Columbia; samples with ID format 1000XX were analyzed by Bureau Veritas in Vancouver, British Columbia. Samples at the SGS lab were prepared for analysis according to SGS method PRP89: each sample was crushed to 75% passing 2mm and a 250g split was pulverized to better than 85% passing 75 micron mesh. Gold was tested by fire assay with atomic absorption finish on a 30g nominal sample (method GE FAA313). An additional 35 elements were tested by ICP-AES using a four-acid digestion (method GE ICP40B), over limit samples for copper were retested using the same technique but with ore grade four acid digestion and a higher range of detection (method GA AAS42S), and over limit samples by that technique were retested using X-ray florescence (method GO XRF77B). Samples submitted to the Bureau Veritas lab were prepared for analysis according to Bureau Veritas method PRP70-250: each sample was crushed, and a 250 g split was pulverized to passing a 200 mesh. Gold was tested by fire assay with an atomic emission spectroscopy finish on a 30g nominal sample (method FA330-Au). An additional 45 elements were tested by ICP-AES using a four-acid digestion (method MA200), over limit samples for copper were retested using the same technique but with ore grade four acid digestion and a higher range of detection (method MA370). Quality assurance and control (QAQC) at both labs are maintained through rigorous use of internal standards, blanks and duplicates.

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